Suicide Risk Screening In Health Care Settings: Identifying Males & Females At Risk

Contributed by: Gwen Morris, PhD

Research Summary | September 13, 2017

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Key Messages

  • More males than females die from suicide, but females are more likely to consider or think about suicide.
  • The Joint Commission has established suicide risk screening requirements for healthcare settings that treat patients with emotional or behavioral disorders.
  • Primary care may be an important location for suicide screening as data shows high utility of primary care services in patients who committed suicide.

The following is a summary of King CA, Horwitz A, Czyz E, and Lindsay R. Suicide Risk Screening in Health Care Settings: Identifying Males and Females at Risk. J Clin Psychol Med Setting 2017; 24: 8-20, which was developed independently of the article authors. Background Males are more likely to die from suicide when compared…

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