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This easily searchable online library contains thousands of resources on the latest mental health care developments, treatment best practice guidelines, market trends, research studies, innovative programs, decision support tools, and more. Dozens of new articles and resources are posted each week, many of which are highlighted in the PsychU community newsletters e-mailed to members.

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2020.01.27 health-care-policy-legislationnews

News | January 27, 2020

In 2018, U.S. health care spending grew 4.6%, reaching $11,172 per person and $3.6 trillion in total. Per person spending in 2017 was $10,742. The…

2020.01.27 adherence-support-program bipolar-disorder major-depressive-disorderresource

Resource | January 27, 2020

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) recognizes mood disorders affect millions of people, yet the stigma surrounding it causes barriers to communication and knowledge about…

2020.01.27 major-depressive-disordernews

News | January 27, 2020

Among those newly diagnosed with advanced-stage, non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), about one-third have moderate to severe symptoms of depression. NSCLC is the most common…

2020.01.27 payer-financing-modelsnews

News | January 27, 2020

 Adoption of value-based reimbursement (VBR) models is glacial—slow to occur but changing the delivery system in its wake. It’s an issue we’ve written about before…

2020.01.27 e-health-technologycommunity-voices perspective

Community Voices | January 27, 2020

This podcast highlights Kathy Day’s experience as a caregiver for a relative with serious mental illness. Ms. Day offers her perspective on how her family…

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