Profiles Of Individuals With Mood & Anxiety Disorders: Use Of Self-Management Strategies For Recovery

Perspective | June 7, 2017

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Study Quick Facts

  • Objective was to understand and categorize the characteristics of people with mood and anxiety disorders who use self-management to improve their symptoms.
  • Involved 149 people from Quebec and France recovering from anxiety, depression or bipolar disorder completed an online questionnaire on symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, self-management, and socio-demographic information.
  • Researchers identified three profiles of responses to mental illness: Floundering, Flourishing, and Struggling which reflect the level of symptoms, overall wellbeing, and self-management strategies used by patients in the study.

What effect does patient self-management have on recovery of people with mental illness? A new report entitled “Profiles of Recovery from Mood and Anxiety Disorders: A Person-Centered Exploration of People’s Engagement in Self-Management” by Simon Coulombe, et al. and published in the April 26, 2016 edition of Frontiers in Psychology, details a study that looked…

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