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PsychU offers private, personalized education programs both online and in person on a range of topics including: schizophrenia, major depression, care coordination, quality standards, and changes to health care policy.

Each of the presentations listed below are previews of the topics that are available for you to request an extended presentation of for your organization.  If you are interested in having a live presentation on any of the topics listed, please complete the form below and our team will contact you shortly.

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Available Presentation Topics

Meet Our Field Medical Affairs Team

The PsychU community includes a team of clinical research professionals who specialize in translating scientific and medical information to a broad range of stakeholder organizations in the mental health field. This team of experienced Medical Science Liaisons (MSL) and Managed Markets Liaisons (MML) are employees or contractors of Otsuka Pharmaceutical Development & Commercialization, Inc. and are available to deliver live presentations for your organization.

  • Laura Anguiano, PhD

    Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma

  • Bryan Archuleta, PharmD

    Colorado, Montana, Utah, Wyoming

  • Malaak Brubaker, PhD

    Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Idaho

  • Jacquelyn Canning, PharmD, BCPP

    Florida, Georgia, Alabama

  • Jason Carter, PharmD


  • Jessie Chambers, PhD

    Arizona, New Mexico, Texas

  • Joe Cirrincione, PharmD, MBA

    Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, Wisconsin

  • Heather Davidson, PhD

    Georgia, South Carolina

  • Elizabeth DiNapoli, PhD

    Pennsylvania, West Virginia

  • Aneta Fornal, PharmD


  • Jane Guo, PharmD, MBA

    Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont

  • Michelle C. Jacobs, PharmD, BCPS, BC-ADM, CDE, R.Ph.

    North Carolina

  • Julleah Johnson, PhD

    Missouri, Arkansas

  • Carolyn D. Jones, PhD


  • William Kasper, PharmD


  • Rick Kegler, PharmD, MBA

    Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, Wyoming

  • Monica Kim, PharmD, MBA

    California, Hawaii

  • Roland Larkin, PhD, NP

    Connecticut, Rhode Island

  • Walter Lawhorn, PharmD


  • Chloe Liu, PhD

    Wisconsin, Iowa

  • Kimberly Lonergan RN MSN


  • Maninder Malik, MS, PhD


  • Jehan Marino, PharmD, BCPP

    New York

  • Nicole Meade, PhD

    New York

  • Chip Meyer, PhD


  • Gwen Morris, PhD


  • Stephen G. Murray, PharmD, MBA

    New York

  • Kristin Pareja, PharmD, BCPS
    Kristin Pareja, PharmD, BCPS

    Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas

  • Kamila Piekos, PharmD


  • Bob Pitasi, PharmD, BCPP, MBA

    Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont

  • Christina P. Ragas, PharmD

    Louisiana, Mississippi

  • Patricia A. Rohman, PharmD, MBA

    New Jersey, Washington DC, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New York (Western), Kentucky, Tennessee

  • Fatima Sadat, PharmD

    California, Nevada

  • Rachel L. Self, MS, PhD


  • Gwendolyn Stockton, PharmD, BCPP


  • Jason L. Swartz, RPh, MBA

    Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana

  • Samantha Sweeney, PharmD, MBA

    California, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Hawaii

  • Mark Tacelosky, PharmD

    Pennsylvania, Delaware

  • Rachel Thomas, MS, PharmD

    Alabama, Mississippi

  • Carolyn Tyler, PhD

    New York

  • Indriani Wang, PharmD, BCPP


  • Becky Wong, PharmD, MBA

    New Jersey

  • Gerard Zitnik, PhD

    Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC

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