PsychU Spotlight

Measurement-Based Care

Measurement-based care (MBC) consists of administering patient-reported rating scales over time and using the results to tailor care plans to the individual. Despite MBC’s proven benefits, it is not a standard practice. The call for implementation of MBC in behavioral health is growing, but perceived barriers in implementation and the uncertainty of rating scale validity may impede the practice from becoming standardized. Learn more about the research supporting MBC and a variety of psychiatric scales being utilized in this month’s collection of resources.1, 2

1Waldrop, J. & McGuinness, T. M. (2017). Measurement-Based Care in Psychiatry. Journal of Psychosocial Nursing and Mental Health Services 55(11), pp. 30-35.

2Fortney, J.C., et. al. (2017). A Tipping Point for Measurement-Based Care. Psychiatric Services 68(2), pp. 179-188.

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