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Section Editors

John Luo, MD

John Luo, MD is a Health Sciences Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the University of California, Riverside School…


A Welcome Message From Section Editor John Luo, MD

Podcast | June 15, 2017

John Luo, MD, Section Editor of PsychU's Residents' Corner, welcomes residents, students and early career psychiatric professionals to the Residents' Corner. Dr. Luo is a Health Sciences Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the University of California, Riverside School of Medicine, and Director of the Psychiatry…

Recent Podcasts

Podcast | July 14, 2017

During this question and answer session, Drs. Rebecca Roma and Robert Nelson, respond to unanswered questions from their Virtual Forum entitled “Co-Occurrence Of Substance Use Disorders With Mood Disorders & Psychosis”. You can watch the full recorded video presentation and download the slide deck of…

Recent Presentations

Presentation | July 7, 2017

In part one of this five part series on pseudobulbar affect (PBA), Peter Zafirides, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor at the Department of Psychiatry at Ohio State University and President of Central Ohio Behavioral Medicine; and Jeffrey Cummings, MD, ScD, Professor of Neurology and Director at…

Recent Virtual Forum Recordings

Archived Virtual Forum | June 8, 2016

Metabolic wellness is an extremely important consideration in treating patients with schizophrenia, who have an increased incidence of cardiometabolic risk factors. In this virtual forum, Christoph Correll, MD and Sloan Manning, MD discussed the importance of wellness for individuals with schizophrenia, reviewed available guidelines, addressed…