Treatment Plan Collaboration: Understanding & Incorporating Caregiver, Peer Support, & Clinician Perspectives

Mental illnesses are complex disorders which affect millions of adults in the United States. The burden of these conditions, as well as the risk of comorbidities for the patient population living with mental illness, requires ongoing support and collaboration from various stakeholders across the care and support continuum. One strategy to help ensure that a patient’s needs and preferences are assessed is to coordinate care with a person-centered, assessment-based, interdisciplinary approach that addresses not only health care and mental health treatment, but also links patients with necessary social service supports. Developing comprehensive, integrated care plans, and incorporating caregiver and peer perspectives within those plans, contributes to the successful treatment outcomes for individuals living with mental illness.

In this webinar, hear perspectives from a caregiver and advocate, a peer support trainer, and a clinician. During the program, they share their roles within the treatment planning process, explain how inclusive care planning ensures the provision of the appropriate level of care and how integrated, comprehensive care plans can bridge gaps in care.

Speakers are paid consultants to Otsuka Pharmaceutical Development & Commercialization, Inc.


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