Sloan Manning – What Does PsychU Mean To You?

During this interview, Sloan Manning explains what PsychU means to him and how mental health professionals can collaborate with each other.

Sloan Manning, MD, is the Primary Care Provider Section Advisor of PsychU. Mr. Manning is the Medical Director, Novant Health Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine and Adjunct Associate Professor, School Of Medicine, University Of North Carolina.

Paul Duck is a Senior Associate at OPEN MINDS. Previously, Mr. Duck has served in roles such as Vice President, Strategy & Development for Beacon Health Options, the Vice President of Business Development for Netsmart Technologies, Chief Executive Officer for Coastal Orthopedics, and Chief Executive Officer of Florida Radiology Imaging (FRi). Mr. Duck earned his Bachelor of Arts in Business Management from Case Western Reserve University and his Associate of Arts in Electronic Engineering Technology from the Electronic Technology Institute.

Sloan Manning is a paid consultant of Otsuka Pharmaceutical Development & Commercialization, Inc.


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