PsychU Supporters: An Interview With Mental Health America (MHA)

Paul Gionfriddo, President and CEO of Mental Health America (MHA), sits down with PsychU to discuss the history and purpose of MHA. Since 1909, MHA has been advocating for mental health for all, early identification and prevention of at-risk individuals, and ensuring that recovery is always the goal. Mr. Gionfriddo goes into detail about MHA’s unique tools and services offered, like their personalized online screening program. Since 2014, over 4.5 million people have utilized MHA’s mental health screening tool. Listeners will also get to hear how MHA partners with other organizations at local and national levels and hear how they can get involved. Mr. Gionfriddo also discusses why MHA chose to collaborate with PsychU and the benefits of helping the mental health community doing the same.

PsychU is proud to feature perspectives from experts and advocates in the field of mental health. It is an honor to count organizations like MHA as PsychU Supporters – as we work to improve mental health together.

Paul Gionfriddo is the President & CEO of MHA and a PsychU Stigma Section Advisor. He has worked in a variety of health and mental-health related positions during a career spanning over thirty years. He has served on many local, state, and national nonprofit boards for organizations serving individuals living with mental illness, substance use disorders, and developmental disabilities.


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