Getting Well & Staying Well: A Shared Patient & Provider Case Study

In this interview, Sloan Manning, MD, PsychU Primary Care Provider Corner Section Editor; Adjunct Associate Professor, Family Medicine, UNC, and Co-Director of the Mood Disorder Clinic Moses Cone Family Medicine Residency Program, chats with his long-time patient Lesa, about her personal journey with major depressive disorder (MDD). Lesa’s journey began with common symptomology for MDD – overwhelming thoughts, depressed mood, physical pain, and disruption in her sleep schedule – which she shared with Dr. Sloan, her family primary care provider.

The back and forth in this interview allows Lesa to share her experience as a patient, and is placed in professional context by Dr. Sloan’s treatment interpretation, starting with her initial assessment utilizing the Patient Health Questionnaire 9 (PHQ-9) and the Generalized Anxiety Disorder 7 (GAD-7) and continuing through her progression with treatment on her way to recovery.

Dr. Manning was a paid consultant for Otsuka Pharmaceutical Development & Commercialization, Inc.


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