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Telepsychiatry: Enhancing Access to Mental Health Care

Webinar | July 12, 2016 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm
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Virtual Forum: Telepsychiatry: Enhancing Access to Mental Health Care

Location: Online Via

Description: Despite advances in care, there remain several barriers to patient access to optimal mental health care. Telepsychiatry, a form of telemedicine, may help extend the reach and facilitate the delivery of psychiatric care, potentially benefitting patients in a variety of settings, as well as their providers. In this virtual forum, Jonathan Evans and Meera Narasimhan, MD will discuss some of the current barriers in mental health, the goals and potential benefits of telepsychiatry, the settings and patient populations for which telepsychiatry may be useful, and some factors to consider when implementing telepsychiatry in your practice. The virtual forum will conclude with time for questions from the audience.
Jon Evans and Dr. Narasimhan are paid consultants for Otsuka Pharmaceutical Development & Commercialization, Inc.

Event Speakers

Jon Evans
Featured Speaker

Chief Executive Officer of Safe Harbor Behavioral Health and InnovaTel Telepsychiatry, LLC, in Pennsylvania.

Meera Narasimhan, MD
Featured Speaker

Associate Provost for Health Sciences
Professor and Chair, Department of Neuropsychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Director for Innovative Healthcare Technologies at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine in Columbia, South Carolina

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