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NJAMHAA 2019 Management Training Series – Financial Management Under A Fee-For-Service Paradigm

Supporter Event | April 23, 2019


Date: April 23, 2019

Location: Mercerville, New Jersey

Description: The transition from grant funding to fee-for-service (FFS) reimbursement requires that behavioral health managers expand their knowledge base and comfort level with financial management, and develop and implement strategies in order for their organizations to survive and potentially flourish. This workshop will describe the new reimbursement model, with emphasis on effective approaches to succeed in the new environment. The topics to be covered will include: overview of the difference between grant funding and FFS reimbursement and the opportunities and risks under both payment systems; approaches to developing and monitoring FFS revenue projections; need for cost containment under FFS; importance of performance measurement, especially productivity; techniques to increase staff's billable time in order to maximize revenue; and increased need to examine restructuring options in an FFS environment. This workshop will utilize case studies, role play and group projects. Managers who attend this workshop will learn to develop financial strategies and analyses to assist in transitioning to FFS reimbursement.

This workshop is part two in NJAMHAA’s three-part Management Training Series, which has been offered by NJAMHAA for over 10 years and has provided high quality, professional training to hundreds of Behavioral Health managers. The 2019 Management Training Series will depart from its previous format and content to address the key issues and challenges in managing under FFS reimbursement. The sessions will cover the primary skills and expertise necessary to navigate and succeed in a complex FFS environment.  Professionals who attend the training will learn to develop strategies necessary to succeed in an increasingly complex and competitive environment.

These sessions can be taken individually or as a group. Attendance for all three series is encouraged for continuity and to achieve the maximum learning experience. The other sessions are:

In addition, for each session attended, attendees are eligible for 5 continuing education units.

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