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Mental Health America’s 2018 Annual Conference: Fit For The Future

Supporter Event | June 14, 2018


Mental Health America’s (MHA) 2018 Annual Conference, taking place in Washington, DC, June 14-16, 2018 will explore what we can do personally as individuals to keep ourselves healthy in the 21st Century and how data and personal narratives are increasingly connecting exercise and nutrition to overall mental health. MHA will dive into programs that are already making use of cutting edge 21st Century technologies, treatments, and research – as well as those that will emerge soon to benefit those with mental health needs. MHA will offer new tools and techniques that are enabling professionals and peers to launch innovative and collaborative practices that brighten the future of mental health care for all. And MHA will talk about what we must still do to enact 21st Century policy solutions to support all these efforts.

Join MHA and hundreds of others from all over the country as we hear from fitness experts, nutritionists, health and mental health professionals, individuals and families with lived experience, policy makers, media standouts, corporate leaders, researchers, MHA affiliates and more about these important and timely topics.

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