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How To Ask The Expert

Support Resource | August 24, 2017

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Have a question not answered by our expert perspectives or a resource in our library? PsychU is led by a team of distinguished thought leaders in the mental health field that may be able to help! Our Section Editors – psychiatrists, executives, researchers, and innovators with varying specialties who serve as expert advisors on topic areas and content libraries on PsychU – are available via the PsychU Ask The Expert functionality. On this PsychU Customer Service Tutorial on “Ask The Expert”, we’ll cover:

  • Asking A Question
  • Viewing Previous Questions & Responses
  • Learning More About Our Experts

Disclaimer: Ask an Expert responses are provided for your educational benefit only and are not intended as medical advice. Health care professionals should use their independent medical judgement when considering Ask the Expert provided information. Users seeking medical advice should consult with a health care professional.